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Reels, Shorts, Stories. Produced Monthly

Social Media Video Production

We’ve got your monthly content covered for creative social media video production, delivering compelling vertical formats that convert effectively. Explore our social video production packages, a fresh approach to reaching your audience through Reels, Shorts, and Stories

Our Process

How do we get your needs
Understanding your business / Brand

Our team  get together and breaks down you brand needs to craft a branding action plan

Video Production

Once we’ve gained a deeper understanding of your brand, we’ll kick off the production of vertical video ads, designed to be repurposed across various platforms


Crafting an edit using footage and other elements

What’s Included

Discover the contents of our social media video production packages! Every reel is expertly captured in a vertical format for maximum impact in minimal time, ensuring your message is swiftly understood as viewers scroll or watch. Our social media video pricing is transparent, based on the quantity per month.


$1,800/ month
  • 3 videos  X 3 formats
  • 2D graphics and animation
  • Client’s available images and clips
  • IG, TT and YouTube format deliverables
  • NO commitment – Month by month


$2,500/ month
  • 4 videos X 3 formats
  • 2D graphics and animation
  • video footage production session. (Custom)
  • IG, TT and YouTube format deliverables
  • NO commitment – Month by month

We mad it simple!

We know making content for your business can be annoying. You're good at your thing, and we're here to make it super easy for you


No ties, contracts, or chains—just a monthly charge. Feel free to leave whenever you want.


Just shoot over the photos and videos you've got, and we'll work our magic on them


Just choose that plan the works for you!


We are a local company, feel free to call

Let the games begin!

Ready To start?

Ready to shine on social media with awesome videos? Let's turn that frown around and boost your brand!
We're experts in creating engaging social media videos, using TikTok reels, UGC stock footage, Instagram video ads, and campaigns to make your brand stand out.

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